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Basically, when the console debugger is enabled, the app will use Chrome's V8 engine to interpret the javascript. That's because there is no other way to do it and show the console output. When you turn debugging off, it will use android's native engine which doesn't. NOTE: I do not work for Airbnb. This is an educated guess based on the Medium articles they wrote on the matter. — When Airbnb said they were moving away from React Native and back to Native applications, many speculated that this was the start of. Native speaker here. You're correct. "Sunsetting" is when the creator slowly phases out manufacturing / support for a product, so FB would need to be the one sunsetting React Native. AirBnB should say they're "transitioning away from" React Native. The article discusses how to synchronize Flutter bug fixes from the public master to a forked version of Flutter - also possibly a red flag, since one of the reasons AirBnb cited for dropping React Native is that they had to maintain their own fork of it.

If you are thinking about building your Airbnb type app in React native, I should pre-warn you about the fact that there are very few payment gateway providers that are actually providing an SDK for React Native. You are most likely to end up creating a wrapper around native apps to. 06/08/2018 · React Native's limited Accessibility API has always been a huge pain point for developers. A few weeks into my internship, Airbnb made a huge post on medium describing why they were dropping React Native and switching back to native mobile development, and one reason they cited was due to the accessibility API.

14/03/2018 · Edit: I was already using react-native-fs for my project. so, I used it to store a file containing JSON data, and fetched back on program starts. I know its not the right way. but its working perfectly,. Now I understand why Airbnb is dropping RN. 14/10/2016 · Don't do react-native link do react-native unlink react-native-maps if you already have Drop the AirMaps and AirGoogleMaps folders into the root of your project Select "Create groups" instead of "Create folder references" while dropping them. 21/10/2016 · Install and link the regular react-native-maps module without using Pods! npm install --save react-native-maps react-native-link react-native-maps. At this point you should have the AirMaps.xcodeproj under your Libraries folder in XCode screenshot 1, and libAirMaps.a and the default React libs are in your Linked Frameworks and Libraries. 05/10/2016 · Use a non ancient version of JSC 10245. Closed arv opened this issue Oct 5, 2016 · 8 comments. The good news is that moving forward Google is supporting clang and dropping gcc so that will line us up with Apple's setup. This bug was highlighted as a reason for Airbnb to sunset React Native.

We see the value of React in the way it allows us to write components that have fewer bugs and compose together well. DOM is the original rendering target for React but React Native is just as important both to Facebook and the community. Being renderer-agnostic is an important design constraint of React.

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